LIV Clear THC Vape Pen Review – Read before you buy.

Vendor: LIV Clear
PRO: 100% THC product that provides a healthier alternative to smoking
CON: You must be in a state where marijuana is legal

Going organic or “clear” is the new in thing these days. Every person, from the younger generation to the older ones, is adopting methods which ensure the protection of our environment. This does not only include the consumption of organic foods, recycling or cutting out plastic from our lives. It also includes using products that are used daily that endanger not only the environment but also the health of people.

One such product includes LIV Clear, a 100% THC product that provides a healthier alternative to smoking. LIV Clear designs special vape instruments that are built from 100 THC oil which has gone through an excessive amount of research and processing to ensure nothing but the best.


These disposable oil pens include solventless oil which is probably one of the purest forms you will find. Using solventless THC pens will ensure that you are using one of the most organic forms of oil THC pens. They do not contain any harmful substances that can damage your body.

The clear oil has been extracted using high-quality raw materials. From the beginning of the manufacture of the THC oil pen to the very end of it, the manufacturers have ensured that there is no compromise made on the quality.

Another factor that the makers of LIV Clear have focused on is the formulation of the THC pen. They have used 100 cannabis oil to make sure the texture and taste felt by the users are as perfect as it can be. When you vape with the pen, you will get the ideal hit you expect, making it one of the best cannabis pens that you can find anywhere on the market.

LIV Clear products

There are two types of THC clear pen products provided by the makers. Both are designed to suit the different needs of their users.

LIV disposable pen

Each THC clear pen that you purchase is equipped with 250 milligrams of solvent free cannabis oil. This oil ensures the unique characteristics of the clear vape pen and gives the consumer a great user experience.

The best part about this disposable oil pen is that you can throw it away as soon as you are done using it and the clear oil in the pen finishes. You will know when the oil has finished as you will not taste the flavor anymore.

There are about three different flavors present in this product, each of which has been specifically created keeping a particular flavor in mind. The list of these flavors includes Girl Scout Cookies, Jack Herer, and Paris OG. All of these have clear oil THC present in them to ensure the perfect flavor in every puff.

Currently, THC clear pen is a hot product on the market, due to which you will find it available almost everywhere. It is available over the counter and does not cost too much either.

The mouthpiece of the disposable cannabis pen is leakproof which means that the airflow will not be hindered in any way. It also has built-in atomizers which keep the temperature inside the product at the right amount for you to have the perfect puff. It will make sure that the smoke is neither too hot nor too cold. The light at the end of the clear pen blinks when you have reached the required dose so that you will not puff too much or too less; you will only know when you have the right amount.

The pen can hold 250mg of clear oil, and the tanks come with a small window so that you can administer the content. You will not need to charge the battery either as it comes with a pre-charged one; the battery is designed to last the entire smoke duration, so you will not need to recharge it while using it. It will finish once the contents of the vape are finished, and you can just throw it away. The size of the pen is quite convenient as well; you can simply store it in your pocket or purse and carry it around with you everywhere.

LIV THC oil cartridges

Unlike a disposable pen, this THC oil cartridge is wickless and made from ceramic which ensures that you get the best performance out of the product. THC cartridges look sleek and come in an ergonomic design which ensures that the users get a great experience.

The clear cartridges have a ceramic coil installed inside, which makes sure that you have a smooth, consistent performance. They also ensure that when you draw in the vape, you get a clear experience; what more could you ask for? Light indicators have also been installed in the clear cartridge which blinks when you have had the perfect puff and the correct amount of dosage has been reached.

Another thing that makes these clear cartridges so great is that they have a leakproof design, which ensures that none of the oil or puff doses sneak out when you puff.  Not only are these oil cartridges disposable, but they are also shatterproof. You can store them anywhere you like and they can fall from any height, but the product will not break under pressure.


LIV Clear is one of the best products that you will find. The clear THC of this product is of supreme quality and once you use it, you will not want to switch to any other brand.

In case you have any queries or would like to start selling the product as a part of your business, then you only need to send an email. The people looking after the customer service department are super efficient, and you will get your reply soon.

If you are looking for a product that provides you with THC clear, gives you value for money, and lasts you for a long time, then you may want to consider LIV Clear as these pens and cartridges are remarkable.

These oil cartridges wholesale are also present in the market; you can check online for reviews and other great aspects about LIV Clear.

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